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Comprehensive energy, water, and waste management services built on your data, customized for your business, delivered by our experts.


Burton Energy Group provides a comprehensive set of services delivered by a team of experts to help our clients better manage their utility expenses and improve profitability.

Energy Supply and Risk Management

Utility Information Management

Project Management

Water Conservation

Energy Conservation

Waste and Recycling Programs

Utility Incentive Programs

Energy Manager Support

Why Choose Us?

Burton Energy Group was established to comprehensively manage energy
and environmental programs for multi-site corporations. Serving our clients is our core business.

Client Sites
BILLIONSquare Feet
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 YEARSServing our Customers
% - %Energy Savings
Fortune 500 Companies

Brent Burton

Managing Partner

From the Managing Partners

We founded this company because we thought, “There has to be a better way to positively impact the environment and our client’s bottom line, by reducing energy and water usage.” That was our macro vision at least. On the micro level, we simply thought we would succeed if we treated our future clients, colleagues, and working partners the right way. Yes, of course, we must add value for clients and compensate our team members fairly, but it was more than that. We wanted to create a company culture where our employees would look forward to coming to work every day.

We are blessed to now work beside phenomenally talented energy engineers and analysts with a passion for what they do. Just as important, they are individuals who we enjoy being around, inside and outside the office. As a team, we are all truly excited about where this journey will take us next, and we hope you will be a part of it.

Mark Breuker

Managing Partner

Employee Spotlight

Drew Norris, a Software Developer, is beginning his tenth year with Burton. He builds custom reporting and energy analysis tools that benefit our clients, as well as our internal teams. Drew gets satisfaction from being creative, which is also expressed in his music, where he writes songs and plays a different kind of keyboard for his electro-pop band Prep Rally.

Drew previously installed energy management systems and was a math teacher in public schools before joining Burton as an energy analyst. Drew found his passion in creating reports, which led him to an interest in learning to program. He quickly mastered several languages and has studied diligently to transition into a software developer role at Burton. Ironically his career path has taken him full circle to programming micro-controllers for on-stage lighting effects when performing with his band.

Drew has become one of the “go-to guys” within our Company for taking complex calculations and turning them into simple, scalable solutions. In short, getting things done. He is a core member of the Burton Operations team and his efforts are instrumental in the adaptation and customization of services for our clients.

Despite his passion for his work, learning new technologies, and writing and performing in a band, Drew somehow also finds time to be a dad to two great kids and a husband to his wife, Sarah. Drew and his family recently relocated to the Atlanta area from Denver. Being back in the corporate office simplifies his interaction with the Burton team and locates them geographically between both of their extended families. When he does take some time off, Drew enjoys hiking, camping and generally being outdoors. When asked for his secret to achieving all of this, he attributes it to not watching television!


Burton Energy Group is proud to be recognized as a 2020 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year award winner – for the eighth year earning Sustained Excellence!

The Burton team will be recognized for the 2020 award at the Annual ENERGY STAR Awards Ceremony
in Washington, DC in April 2021. To find out more about how Burton’s ENERGY STAR
Program services can help your business be more profitable and environmentally
responsible visit our ENERGY STAR Program Services Page.

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