Water Efficiency

Burton Energy Group supports industry leading companies in developing and executing water efficiency strategies across their portfolios. Although still well behind electricity expenses, water/sewer expenses comprise an ever-growing percentage of total utility costs, with rates increasing over 50% in less than a decade. For our clients, this translates into millions of dollars in unanticipated expenses with a significant impact to the operational bottom line.

Chart showing average water/sewer cost increases compared to other utilities. Water Rates Graph

Burton is increasingly tasked with developing innovative, sustainable, and comprehensive recommendations to reduce costs without sacrificing visitor experiences, hygiene, or facility functionality. Instead of looking at water conservation as an either/or issue – either payback, sustainability, or regulatory driven – Burton focuses on an inclusive approach which adds the most value for our clients. Our turnkey project management services provide a seamless transition from strategy development to onsite assessment to implementation, helping streamline the process and allowing our clients to realize savings sooner.

Burton’s water strategy leverages our robust Energy Strategy Platform (ESP) which supports the data analysis process and enables more accurate ‘cleaning’ of utility data for a more precise analysis. The water strategy process includes the following:

Water Strategy Graph

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