Customized Energy Contracts

Burton Energy Group utilizes the Request for Proposal (RFP) process to negotiate new electric and fuel contracts in deregulated markets. Like any procurement process, this requires detailed planning and preparation. With all new clients, Burton must first understand the contract status across the entire portfolio and determine any immediate price risk. The team at Burton then works with each client to better understand their risk tolerance, contract preferences, sustainability goals, and business operations, in order to prepare an effective RFP.

Our process begins with having access to our client’s data and the ability to continue monitoring for new contracting opportunities leads to a more successful program.

RFP Process

Throughout the RFP/procurement process, Burton provides full price transparency to our clients. We work with credit-worthy suppliers that provide custom pricing for each of our customer’s contracts. For clients that are looking to incorporate additional renewable energy into their portfolio, we will also review different REC options within our pricing analysis. By having access to our customer’s data, we are also able to aggregate load across a market to drive more competitive pricing and efficiencies. Access to market-leading information and pricing models allows our team of experts to provide a detailed market assessment with each contract recommendation and transaction. By housing our client’s energy contracts in our internal contract management system, we are able to proactively manage them against forward pricing and identify short and long-term competitive pricing opportunities.