Project Management and Implementation

Project Management – Turnkey Implementation

The Turnkey Implementation option allows Burton to further streamline implementation of complex, fast-moving projects for clients. For selected retrofit projects, Burton has the experience to not only identify and manage project implementation, but also to provide open book contracting for the necessary equipment and services to complete the work. In the cases where utility incentives cover a substantial portion of the project expense, Burton can deliver the project at a net cost, often at less than 50% of the entire capital cost of the project.

Our experienced staff will provide expertise for your company’s energy program by:

In 2020, Burton managed over $13.4 million in turnkey implementation work.

Sample Projects

National Retailer HVAC Replacements: Burton is providing turnkey project implementation to replace aging HVAC systems for a national retail client to provide a scalable and high-value solution. Burton identifies opportunities and contracts with regional and national HVAC contractors to complete site surveys and turnkey installation of HVAC unit replacements for numerous retail stores. Burton performs the following services:

See our case study for more project details.

National HVAC Repairs and Upgrades: Burton is providing turnkey work that includes identifying and correcting HVAC issues at client operations facilities on a national basis. The scope of work includes site surveys to functionally test equipment to identify operational issues in need of repair, identifying upgrade opportunities such as chiller optimization and variable frequency drive installations, soliciting pricing from approved contractors, and implementing approved projects. These project not only help to drive energy savings, but also ensure the redundancy and HVAC performance for these critical facilities, reducing the potential for catastrophic failures and downtime.

Turnkey implementation diagram Continuous Program Management chart

Project Management – Owner’s Agent

Project Management is a natural extension of our business at Burton, allowing clients to complete utility-saving projects without burdening internal staff. We provide a comprehensive approach to utility project implementation, moving clients from strategy/planning, rebate and incentive management, business case development, site prioritization, construction oversight, and measurement and verification (M&V) of project savings.

We have processes and systems in place that keep projects running smoothly, on-time and on budget. We have relationships in place with service providers in lighting, HVAC, air compressors, chillers, boilers, generators, plumbing and controls systems. We control costs, schedule, and quality throughout every phase to deliver a successful single or multi-phased project.

In 2020, Burton managed over $4.5 million in project management work as an owner’s agent for water efficiency projects alone.

Sample Projects

Hotel Ownership Energy Upgrades: Burton led the auditing, business case development, and project coordination for a multi-year portfolio-wide capital upgrade program at a major hotel ownership group, delivering cash flow increases and upgrades infrastructure to increase asset value.

Smart Water Meter Replacements: Burton’s project management and water system expertise includes strategy development and project management of a smart water meter rollout for a national real estate client, totaling over 13,000 meters installed in the last year alone. Installation of the meters have increased the accuracy of the meter readings, leading to a decrease in unrecovered revenue from residents. Further, as the residents are now being accurately charged for the water they are using, overall usage has decreased by over 20% through resident-led conservation efforts.

We serve our clients’ needs through a variety of areas. Please explore our expertise in the following: