Utility Incentive Programs

Burton Energy’s utility incentive program expertise provides leveraged value to our clients and improves the performance of their projects. We offer turnkey incentive and project management solutions to act as an extension of a client’s energy management team. For large portfolio projects, incentives are key in developing a strategy to demonstrate initiatives with low risk and high returns before considering a national rollout. In many cases, the incentives can make the difference of capital projects becoming financially feasible.

Burton focuses on two main types of incentive programs:

  1. Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Program
  2. Provides the funding necessary for Burton’s energy engineers to perform detailed investigations of quick-payback efficiency improvement opportunities at larger properties or groups of mid-sized properties. These programs are often performance-based and include additional funding to assist with implementation of the findings. Notable programs include ComEd Chicago and CenterPoint Houston. More information on Burton’s RCx offering is available here.

  3. Industry-Leading Equipment Upgrade Programs
  4. Often managed through utility Small Business programs, these provide funding which can cover up to 70% of project costs to complete projects such as high-efficiency HVAC replacements, advanced RTU controls, refrigeration system upgrades, and LED lighting installations. Notable programs include ComEd Chicago, Consumers Energy, and ConEd New York.

Rebate Program Management

Clients have large property portfolios in the hundreds or even thousands of sites with the need to determine what part of the country to begin rolling out their efficiency projects. By continuously working with national utilities and reviewing new and changing incentive programs, we routinely help our clients decide where to focus their capital dollars. In some cases, projects can even be paid for completely by utility incentives.

Our team of energy engineers understand complex efficiency projects and have the experience to navigate the ins-and-outs of the utility incentive programs. For some of the highest value national utility programs, Burton is an approved trade ally which provides an added level of incentives to our clients. As a result, Burton maximizes incentive dollars and capital returns while simplifying the process.

Sample Projects

  1. Illinois’ ComEd LED Program for a National Franchisee Restaurant Chain
  2. Illinois’ ComEd HVAC Program for a National Retailer
  3. New York’s ConEd HVAC Program for a National Retailer