Utility Information Management

Utility Information Management considers both billing information and real time data, and is the foundation for all other services. We begin with the end in mind. We work with clients in the collection, data entry, audit and management of their utility information. Even more importantly, we do all of it as part of an integrated strategy that allows our clients to take maximum advantage of the data collected to drive performance improvements.

Specific, bottom-line findings and recommendations that are a result of the utility bill management service include:

We have strategic relationships with several of the major utility bill payment companies and have systems in place to effectively leverage their platforms. Once established, utility data is available with any provider via a secure web site. You are provided a unique identification and password to ensure all information is secure. Copies of all utility bills are archived for review as needed. Burton clients have the capability to allow different personnel right of entry to specific parts of the bill management database. We are readily available to offer assistance in addressing cost and usage questions and to provide navigational help.

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