Utility Rate and Tariff Optimization

Across various states, the regulated utility rate might be an account’s only option, or possibly the most competitive option, for purchasing electricity or natural gas. Burton Energy Group’s Rate Optimization service looks at the existing utility rate schedules for opportunities to save money on energy expenses. Often times, commercial customers can maximize savings by moving to a time-of-use, or demand type rate. By leveraging the Burton Energy Strategy Platform and rate database, Burton is able to identify, quantify, and deliver these opportunities to its customers. This service is comprised of two main rate review categories:

  1. Regulated Rate and Tariff Analysis
  2. Energy Efficiency Opt-Out Opportunities

Regulated Rate and Tariff Analysis

Burton will conduct an analysis of the client accounts to model energy costs under available rate schedule options and identify available savings opportunities. Since an account’s load may change over time or the initial rate class that was designated at the time of the account set-up is no longer optimal, it is common to find savings opportunities across a portfolio, by moving to a different tariff or rate structure.

Energy Efficiency Opt-Out Opportunities

Utilities across the U.S. offer different energy efficiency rebate programs that are automatically billed on a customer’s invoice. Burton will identify these markets where a client is paying into these programs and determine their eligibility to opt-out, if the utility’s program is not going to be optimized by the client.

Burton’s Utility Rate and Tariff Optimization program is customized to each client’s needs and considers the operations performed at the individual facilities, when modeling the various rate opportunities. The expertise our energy analysts apply to their analysis have helped customers identify thousands of dollars of potential annual savings, by moving to rates that better incentivize their load shape or by opting out of programs that are not applicable to their account.

Optional Service Offering

As an additional option to the Rate Optimization service offering, there is also an ability to look for exemption and refund opportunities on utility sales and use taxes at the state level. Burton’s Rate Optimization team will identify states with known Utility Sales and Use Tax Exemptions. The eligibility and savings opportunities are confirmed by both the utility and the relevant state Department of Revenue. Burton then works with the client to request the refund and ongoing sales tax-exempt forms.