Energy Supply and Risk Management Energy Supply and Risk Management

The constant fluctuation of energy prices and evolving regulatory landscape presents a constant challenge for customers looking to strategically manage their energy spend. Burton Energy Group recognizes that each client needs a customized energy procurement plan that complements their operations, minimizes energy spend and manages price risk, allowing them to focus on their core business.

The path to success begins with a defined plan and goals.


Burton’s Energy Procurement team manages electric and natural gas contracts for national multi-site commercial customers, restaurants, hotels, colleges and school districts, and healthcare clients. Our knowledge of energy markets and available products to consumers allows us to develop a strategic plan that integrates each customer’s risk tolerance and operations with a competitive procurement strategy for electricity and natural gas across deregulated markets. Our industry expertise allows us to integrate unique market nuances, energy conservation measures and renewable energy strategies into this customized energy procurement plan.

Our procurement process begins with your data, which we store in the Burton Energy Strategic Platform. This data is used in the RFP phase, where we work with reputable suppliers to obtain competitively priced electricity and natural gas. Throughout the process, Burton provides full price transparency to our clients. Access to market-leading information and pricing models allows our team of experts to provide a detailed market assessment with each contract recommendation and transaction, while comparing it to market benchmarks.  By housing our client’s energy contracts in our internal contract management system, we are able to proactively manage them against forward pricing and identify short and long-term competitive pricing opportunities.


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