Manufacturing Manufacturing

Most manufacturers construct their operations around the optimization of process, people, and capital.  Manufacturing equipment is designed, installed, and maintained to maximize up-time and quality.  At Burton we don’t really focus on improving the energy efficiency of these systems; we aren’t experts at baking or freeze drying or heat treating.  What can be improved in most manufacturing environments is the energy efficiency of the systems that serve the basic needs of the facility: the lighting, heating, cooling & ventilation, air compression, and other infrastructure systems. We are truly experts in these areas.

Beginning with an onsite walkthrough evaluation, we’ll identify things that can be done to reduce energy consumption and cost without compromising throughput.  Our energy engineers perform the comprehensive site assessments necessary to generate ASHRAE Level 2 and Level 3 Energy Audits. Our audit reports are highly technical and thoroughly detailed. We review these audit reports in detail with our clients, allowing them to get the confidence necessary to implement the low and no cost improvements we recommend and to obtain capital funding for the retrofit measures we recommend.

Unlike many consultants, our work with manufacturers does not stop there. We typically serve as a project manager for selected improvements, overseeing the selection of contractors and the successful completion and commissioning of projects. Rebates and tax credits are identified and everything necessary from data logging and sub-metering to submitting paperwork is provided by Burton as part of our service. Finally, we provide ongoing measurement and verification of savings for 6 to 12 months. We normalize consumption for calendar and weather, then regress it against production variables to ensure that savings are realized and maintained over the long term.

Please contact us today to learn how we can help you improve the energy efficiency and profitability of your manufacturing operations.