Why Burton Energy Group

Burton Energy Group was established to comprehensively manage energy and environmental programs for multi-site corporations. Serving our clients is our core business.

Strategic Assessment and Planning Process

Our energy program diagnostic and strategic planning methodology helps companies take their energy programs to the next level. Burton Energy Group has worked with several Fortune 500 corporations, perceived to already have leading practice energy management programs. Our system benchmarks their energy and environmental performance and provides a roadmap to achieve best-in-class status. Our approach can identify double digit cost reduction opportunities in energy spend for our clients.

Partner-Led Client Management Structure

managing partner of Burton Energy Group will guide the strategic planning process and the implementation of the energy program goals established in the plan. The assigned partner will be able to draw upon all of the managing partners at Burton, who have led major energy programs internally or as consultants over their careers. Our managing partners are responsible for driving results for our clients, ensuring that we continue to challenge them with new ideas for energy cost reduction.

Energy and Water Conservation Expertise

Our approach to driving demand-side programs has been developed through years of experience and can be quickly tailored to meet any company’s specific goals and opportunities. Our concentrated focus on energy awareness helps to achieve the best efficiencies before any dollars are invested in new systems. Once capital is ready to be deployed for further improvements, we guide the rebate/incentive process to prioritize programs with the biggest overall return. All rebate dollars go directly to the client. Through improved awareness/accountability and effective investment in demand-side initiatives, we can achieve 10% to 15% in energy and maintenance cost reductions for our customers.

Approach and Capabilities in Supply/Risk Management

Burton combines proven portfolio management techniques to guide a broad strategy with daily technical analysis that helps determine when to buy, how much and how long to buy within your desired risk parameters. By adopting a strategic buying program rather than market parity of rolling expiring contracts, Burton can reduce supply side expenses by 5% to 10%.

Budgeting and Forecasting Experience

Our budgeting and forecasting program is based on a disciplined approach to establishing a solid baseline, and coupled with our modeling of regulated and deregulated market impacts helps to achieve an accurate and clearly documented budget, with the goal of managing your energy expenses within 1% of plan.

No Need to Change Bill Payment Companies

Burton works with clients who utilize a variety of bill payment companies. Our systems are already integrated with these companies to extract the necessary data to produce monthly performance reports, establish and analyze budgets, and drive supply-side programs. We typically will not recommend or require changing bill payment companies at transition, but could guide a change in bill payment companies if it became necessary down the road.