Water Efficiency Pilot – Cinemark Hospitality

Cinemark USA’s Water Efficiency Pilot Reduces Usage By 38%

When Cinemark USA, the nation’s 3rd largest theatre ownership group, wanted to increase their sustainability and water efficiency efforts, Burton Energy Group was there to help. The process started by importing utility data and site information into the Burton Energy Strategy Platform (ESP). This enabled Burton to establish a key performance index (KPI) that was most valuable to Cinemark and allowed us to perform an outlier analysis to determine the areas of greatest opportunity as well as for ongoing performance reporting and M&V.

Based on water use intensity as well as social and regulatory concerns, 12 locations in California were selected to receive full water assessments and an additional 6 locations in Texas and Florida received irrigation assessments. The recommendations identified 25% savings potential that
is projected to reduce usage by 20 million gallons annually and offer an average payback of 2.7 years.

To pilot the water program, Cinemark selected 4 locations to receive plumbing fixture upgrades, ice cream dipper well retrofits, and pre-rinse spray valve replacements. Burton managed the installation and the project was completed in February 2017. In the first four months, water use intensity has been reduced by 38% and is on track to provide less than a 6-month payback.








Click here to download a copy of the Cinemark Hospitality Case Study