Water Conservation Water Conservation

Water and sewer rates have increased nearly 40% over the past five years and are a growing percent of facility’s utility expense. For Burton Energy Group’s national clients, this translates into millions of dollars in unanticipated expenses with a significant impact to the operational bottom line. As such, Burton is increasingly tasked with developing innovative, sustainable, comprehensive recommendations to reduce costs without sacrificing visitor experiences, hygiene, or facility functionality.

Instead of looking at water conservation as an either/or issue – either payback, sustainability, or regulatory driven – Burton focuses on an inclusive approach which adds the most value for our client. Through this, Burton identifies those locations which offer the highest financial payback potential while focusing on those cost effective measures which will mitigate risks associated with utility rate volatility and regulatory uncertainty, particularly in states like California.  

Burton’s water strategy process is relatively straight forward:

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By following these steps, Burton has cost effectively saved millions of gallons of water and hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients. Contact Burton today to discuss your water efficiency potential.

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