Waste and Recycling Programs Waste and Recycling Programs

Burton provides waste program management and recycling program development to support our clients’ sustainability programs. Incorporating a variety of methods from data analysis, program support, waste diversion reporting, waste audits, and strategic program planning, Burton aims to decrease unnecessary waste disposal costs, improve recycling rates, increase recycling revenue generation, and maintain corporate responsibility. We work in concert with facility personnel to continuously improve waste and recycling programs and decrease the amount of waste being generated and ultimately ending up in landfills.

Our waste and recycling program services will provide expertise for your company’s sustainability program by:

  • Waste Diversion Reports and Analysis to calculate waste diversion rates across complex portfolios ranging from site locations, Distribution Centers, Corporate Offices, and so forth.
  • Recycling Awareness Programs are created to implement portfolio-wide recycling awareness in order to improve recycling processes, prevent recyclables from ending up in the landfill, and achieve corporate sustainability goals.
  • Reporting of recycling and diversion rates to the EPA WasteWise Program and municipalities and/or state requirements.
  • Waste and Recycling Audits to assess current situation and provide recommendations to improve diversion rate and increase recycling totals.

Our waste audits typically include an average waste characterization to quantify and categorize recyclable materials.

Waste Characterization

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