Utility Incentive Programs Utility Incentive Programs

Burton Energy’s utility incentive program expertise provides leveraged value to our clients and improves the performance of their projects.  We offer turnkey incentive and project management solutions to act as an extension of your energy management team.  For large portfolio projects, incentives are key in developing a strategy to demonstrate initiatives with low risk while still generating high returns.  In many cases, the incentives can make the difference of capital projects becoming financially feasible.

Most of our clients have large property portfolios in the hundreds or even thousands of sites with the need to determine what part of the country to begin rolling out their efficiency projects.  By continuously working with national utilities and reviewing new and changing incentive programs, we routinely help our clients decide where to focus their capital dollars.  In some cases, projects can even be paid for completely by utility incentives.

Our team of energy engineers understand complex efficiency projects and have the experience to navigate the ins-and-outs of the utility incentive programs.  For some of the highest value national utility programs, Burton is an approved trade ally which provides an added level of incentives to our clients.  As a result, Burton maximizes incentive dollars and capital returns while simplifying the process.

Sample Project

Southern California Edison’s HVAC Optimization Program for a Large National Retailer

  • HVAC Maintenance and Equipment Upgrade:
    • Tune-Up of all equipment to proper performance levels
    • 3 year HVAC maintenance equipment program with ACCA Standard 180 measures
    • Advanced equipment measure upgrades
      • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
      • Digital Control Ventilation (DCV)
      • Automated Digital Economizer Controls (ADEC)
    • $2 million in rebate incentives obtained with a simple payback of only 7 months while achieving 10% in energy savings

Illinois’ ComEd LED Program for a National Franchisee Restaurant Chain

  • LED Lighting Upgrade
    • Upgrade interior and exterior lighting to LEDs
  • $500,000 in rebate incentives obtained with total energy and maintenance savings of 31% and a simple payback of only 1.4 years

Illinois’ ComEd HVAC Program for a National Restaurant Chain

  • HVAC equipment early retirement and existing equipment upgrades
  • $375,000 in rebate incentives obtained with a simple payback of only 1.4 years.