Energy Manager Support Energy Manager Support

Energy managers must prioritize many different tasks. Let Burton Energy Group help you become more effective, so you can handle the big projects that better impact your organization’s energy goals. Below are just some of the Energy Manager Support Services we offer.

Day to Day Account and Reporting Support

Exceptions, Outlier and Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Apply the 80/20 rule to your energy portfolio by
    investigating energy anomalies, exceptions, and outliers
    such as high usage, unexplained usage spikes, large
    decreases, etc.
  • Customized performance reporting and ad hoc reporting
    such as historical usage, demand profiles, etc.

Multi-Site Issue Resolution Services

  • Management of issues such as billing exceptions, utility shut
    offs, utility correspondence, authorization forms, backflow
    notice management, etc.
  • Standard monthly reporting such as deposit reconciliation,
    open/close, late fees, waste/recycling

Yearly Rate Analysis

  • You could be paying more than you should for electric and
    gas. We can verify that your sites are on the appropriate
    utility account tariff. This can save your firm hundreds of
    thousands of dollars annually.


  • Many municipalities are now requiring property owners
    and leased tenants to submit mandatory annual energy
    benchmarking reports. We can ensure annual compliance
    on a national basis.
  • Automated benchmarking and scalable, efficient P.E.
    verifications for locations eligible for ENERGY STAR

Openings, Closings, Deposits

  • Manage opening and closings seamlessly from beginning
    to end. We can work directly with your general contractors,
    project managers, and utilities and even create process
    documents for openings and closings, so you have this in
    their tool box if ever needed in the future.
  • Increase your company’s cash flow with improved utility
    deposit management. In many cases the required utility
    deposits can be waived or substituted with surety bonds.

Service Address and Account Confirmation

  • Confirm that all your site addresses correspond correctly
    with the utility accounts to ensure that you are paying for
    only your usage and not your neighbors.

Drive Improved Energy, Water, and Waste

Demand and Energy Reduction Programs and Projects

  • Prioritize your portfolio for demand reduction projects
    to maximize ROI such as LED’s, HVAC upgrades and
    replacements and retro-commissioning audits.
  • Develop and implement Water and Trash reduction


  • Achieve improved project ROI’s by leveraging various
    national rebate programs. Maximize available capital dollars
    for equipment upgrades and facility retro-commissioning. In
    some markets, Burton has Trade Ally status and can provide
    our clients with higher incentives than standard utility

Project Management

  • Project management equipment upgrades such as LED’s,
    HVAC units, VFD’s, etc. We can work on a turnkey process
    or just certain components of a project. We have experience
    working well with corporate teams that include finance, real
    estate, construction, legal, facilities, and bill pay partners.

Awareness Programs and Webinars

  • Provide hosted webinars for energy awareness programs
    that help to drive energy usage down. This is an inexpensive
    way to lower your energy costs.