Energy Benchmarking

Burton manages and maintains a database for municipal and state energy benchmarking reporting and audits. It is updated regularly and contains all the municipalities, cities and states(s) that require energy and/or water benchmarking along with their respective reporting deadlines, required audits, fines and square footage requirements.

There are many details surrounding these required submittals and many of these particulars change year to year. The list of municipalities, cities and states itself grows each year. We use a client’s facility data and building attributes (location, square footage, etc.) to cross reference with the benchmarking database each month to establish which client properties need to report their energy and/or water use. Currently all municipalities and states use ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager for data submission. We leverage our ENERGY STAR experience (6 time Partner of the Year) and automated benchmarking expertise to efficiently upload the monthly bill data, complete the submittal, and track the submissions and any responses. We also have the Professional Engineers on staff to help with the cities that also require routine energy audits.

Burton has been providing these monitoring, notification and submission services for clients since mandatory benchmarking reporting became a requirement for municipalities.