Energy Conservation Energy Conservation

Our energy conservation programs focus on reducing the consumption of energy at the property level and across portfolios. We will work with you to decipher the information gained via utility data management and to implement operational and capital improvement projects.

  • Operational Improvements impact all client assets, and may entail process changes, modifications to equipment specifications and purchasing practices, and employee training and education sessions. These activities involve identifying energy efficiency best practices and the independent evaluation of energy efficient products. Our clients typically see a reduction in energy consumption of 5% or more from low and no cost operational improvements.
  • Capital Improvement projects are identified during site energy audits. These audits are typically targeted for facilities with the highest energy consumption and rates. We work with our clients to understand their return on investment objectives and identify projects that meet those criteria.

Our energy audits typically include a comprehensive energy balance which allocates site energy consumption by end use:
Energy Usage Allocation

Please explore our expertise in the following areas of energy conservation:

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