Burton Energy Group brings the experience and horsepower to meet clients “where they are” and help them get to “where they want to be” in their pursuit of energy and sustainability goals.  Our strategic planning process assists clients at the very beginning of their journey to help:

  • Benchmark their current energy program (if any)
  • Establish appropriate goals
  • Determine a realistic budget and timeline for implementation
  • Finalize corporate support to acquire resources and allocate workforce

After the plan is established, Burton brings our comprehensive suite of services integrated seamlessly with outside business partners…and sometimes even competitors…to help clients implement their plan and achieve their goals.  Our success is measured by our clients’ success and our client’s business partners are our partners.

Our client-focused, flexible implementation plan does not involve passing your project from the “sales guy” to the “account manager.”  Every client relationship is owned by a Managing Partner of our Company who has the authority and expertise to marshal resources and deliver results.

If you have tried working with other energy management partners and are not sure if they are listening to you or even understand your goals… give us a try and see what it feels like to have your energy and sustainability program “powered By Burton.”

Burton provides clients with core services essential to an integrated strategy:

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Utility Information Management >>

Project Management >>

Water Conservation >>

Energy Conservation >>

Waste & Recycling Programs >>

Utility Incentive Programs >>

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