Retro-Commissioning Success – A National Retailer

Retro-Commissioning Success
17% Energy Savings With 7-Month Payback

Burton Energy Group worked with a national retailer that operates over 800 stores in all 50 states and other US territories to drive energy reductions through retro-commissioning for the systems at various stores.

Burton Energy Group implemented energy reduction initiatives for five of their stores in the Chicago, IL area on a pilot basis. Electricity is provided to these stores by Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), which also offers utility-sponsored incentive programs to help customers reduce energy usage. These stores participated in the ComEd Retro-commissioning (RCx) Tune-Up program, which provides incentives for small commercial customers that include both a fully-funded RCx study and performance incentives for customers based on the verified electricity savings. Due to the high-energy usage of these facilities, which have HVAC and lighting systems that often operate for extended periods of time, Burton was selected to identify energy projects and drive project implementation.


AND OVER 600,000 KWH


Burton worked as a strategic planner, auditor, project manager and M&V consultant for the five stores as part of this pilot project, working closely with the corporate energy management team, local store personnel, Novar,
and other key vendors. Upon completion, the retailer realized verified electric savings of approximately 17% and $50,000 per year across the five pilot stores with a simple payback period of less than one year with utility incentives, without negatively impacting comfort or productivity.


• Lighting circuiting repair; repair of
malfunctioning controls

• Optimization of lighting splits/re-wiring for
Sales, Pre-Sales, and Unoccupied lighting

• Installation of Novar timed override panel with
cover installed over manual override switches
or new controller with integral touch-screen
timed overrides

• Repair of malfunctioning outside air
economizer modules for rooftop units

• Optimization of HVAC operating schedules


After successful pilot results, Burton rolled out the program to remaining portfolio of stores in ComEd. Results across the rest of the portfolio were similar, with approximately 15% savings achieved. Total savings for all stores expected to provide 2 million kWh and over $160,000 annual savings with no negative impact to operations.


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