Manufactured Housing Manufactured Housing

Burton Energy Group supports the real estate, accounting, and asset management departments of some of the largest Manufactured Housing (MH) ownership groups in the country. Our expertise focuses on both sides of the balance sheet, identifying areas of opportunity related to expense reduction as well as revenue recovery.

We understand that MH and RV communities do not operate like typical real estate or multi-family assets. For utilities, some community residents may be directly billed by the utility, some communities may employ Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS) or a flat fee in the lease contract, and others may require individual submeters that are read manually, remotely, or automatically.  

Burton understands these details, enabling us to effectively support our MH/RV clients with expertise related to:

  • Continual monitoring and reporting of utility expense recovery
  • Portfolio-wide rollout of efficiency measures including:
    • High-Efficiency HVAC Replacement
    • Smart Water and Electric Submeters
    • Smart Thermostats
    • LED Lighting
    • Smart Irrigation Controllers
  • Measurement and verification of savings post-installation of measures
  • Increasing water expense recovery through the deployment of smart meters
  • Providing commentary on utility variance to budgets/forecasts while quantifying the impact of occupancy, weather, and utility rates
  • Identifying outlier communities for targeted investigation
  • Energy supply and risk management strategies

When working with Burton, our clients don’t just receive support from one individual, but rather a team of dedicated data analysts, energy and water efficiency experts, and procurement specialists. All are working towards one goal of identifying opportunities to increase profitability across your portfolio.