Irrigation Optimization – National Retailer Distribution Center

Irrigation Optimization Saves 65%

In an effort to increase water efficiency and sustainability in California, a large national retailer tasked Burton Energy Group with identifying high consumption outliers and develop a strategy to mitigate usage. A Distribution Center in Rialto, CA was found to be using 13 million gallons of water annually for irrigation, two times the landscape requirements.

An investment grade irrigation assessment was performed that identified several broken heads, lateral line leaks, broken valves, and miscellaneous zones that were operating independently of the controller. Burton worked with the utility to secure incentives that would cover 90% of the cost to install new smart controllers and programmed them to operate in accordance with local water restrictions. Additionally, all break/valve issues were repaired and two new smart meters were installed on the irrigation lines that allowed for remote monitoring. This enabled Burton to ensure water restrictions were being followed and any leaks could be identified and prompt repairs made.

Overall, the project provided a 4 month payback, and within one year water consumption was reduced by 65%. Additionally, regulatory concerns related to adherence of local water utility restrictions were eliminated.

Water Savings Snapshot


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