Hotel Project Management – A Hospitality Case Study

Hospitality Case Study

Burton Energy Group works with a national hotel ownership group with a portfolio of more than 100 hotels in 23 states. Burton provides utility information management, commodity procurement, and energy and water conservation programs, including conducting energy audits and providing project management services, to drive energy and water cost savings for their portfolio. Burton’s energy audit and project management services resulted in $1.28 million cumulative demand side savings.

Burton has performed over 50 assessments at hotels within the portfolio. These have included comprehensive energy and water audits, retrocommissioning studies, and audits focusing on water conservation. As audits were completed, energy and water conservation measures meeting certain payback criteria were selected for implementation. In
total, 117 energy and water conservation measures were selected and implemented since 2015. Due to the quantity and complexity of the conservation measures, Burton, along with a trusted lighting partner, was selected to manage the implementation process. Burton identified vendors, solicited proposals, provided proposal comparison and review, and recommended vendors for each project. Once vendors were selected, Burton managed each project by
coordinating schedules, managing budgets, verifying scope completion, and securing available utility rebates and incentives.

Burton performed measurement and verification of the savings at each hotel using monthly utility data stored
on Burton’s reporting platform. Savings were calculated by comparing usage and cost data from before and after the projects were completed, normalizing for weather and other variables that affect consumption.

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