Water Conservation in Hospitality Water Conservation in Hospitality

Water Conservation – An Aimbridge Hospitality Case Study

Aimbridge Hospitality manages over 7,000 guest rooms, making it one of the nations leading independent hotel investment and management firms. As a trusted partner, Burton Energy Group provides best-in-class utility information management, commodity procurement, energy and water conservation programs, and other services designed to drive cost savings. As part of Burton’s monthly performance reporting, a hotel was repeatedly identified as a high water intensity site, causing a need for further investigation. Instead of going through expensive leak detection, Burton advised the hotel to first have us perform a water assessment to identify alternative causes for the increase.

The assessment found that the three irrigation controllers were operating inefficiently, ignoring actual water requirements of the grass, shrubs and trees. Additionally, the guest room toilet flappers were leaking and the fixtures were operating 20% above their designed flush volume. Further, the faucets and showers were operating above designed flow rates as well.

Using a trusted plumbing partner, Burton managed the installation of high efficiency toilets, flow restrictors, shower heads, and three new smart irrigation controllers. Additionally, Burton worked with the utility to secure over $14,000 in toilet and irrigation incentives, bring the projected payback to 12 months. Within the first year, the hotel has saved 10 million gallons of water and reduced operating expense by $105,000, exceeding the first year’s savings projections.



Project Overview:

– Number of Guest Rooms: 214
– Number of Irrigation Zones: 68
– Scope of Work: Installation of high efficiency toilets,
flow restrictors, shower heads, and
smart irrigation controllers
– Incentives Secured: $14,000
– First Year Savings:                   $105,000
– Project Payback: < 12 Months


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