Sustainability White Paper

Burton Energy Group helps develop and support sustainability goals for our clients. These goals typically include commitments to reducing energy, water, waste, and overall company carbon footprint. Through robust Sustainability Programs, Burton Energy Group (Burton) helps clients establish sustainability goals, set budgets for implementation, execute project management services, measure and track performance results, and communicate these results and benefits to the company and stakeholders.

Energy Efficiency

Burton supports client energy programs by focusing on reductioburton-by-the-numbers-10-16n of energy consumption at the property level and across portfolios. Through comprehensive energy audits and utility data analysis, Burton reports observations and recommendations for energy efficiency improvements, any available rebate or incentive program opportunities, and capital project and operational improvement prospects. Keeping company sustainability goals in mind, these recommendations are divided into low and no cost operating and capital improvements with our clients typically see a reduction in energy consumption of 5% or more from low and no cost operational improvements.

Burton also provides project management services to identify qualified equipment manufacturers and installation contractors, develop implementation timelines, obtain utility rebates, and measure and verify post-installation savings.

Women’s Clothing Retail

  • Conducted >30 energy audits at retail stores and distribution centers across US
  • Prepared detailed reports with recommended conservation measures for each of five brands
  • Roadmap for more energy efficient lighting, HVAC and Energy Management Systems
  • Total projected savings of the energy conservation measures with < 3-year payback was $11.1M

Global Hotel Chain

  • Conducted approximately 70 energy and water audits in past 5 years to support energy and water reduction initiatives
  • One of three companies approved to conduct these audits in North, Central and South America

Banking & Financial Services

  • Leverage data analysis for bank to identify poor energy performing sites and make operational changes to meet objectives of reducing energy use by 40% and water use by 45%
  • Provide cost/usage data for bank and weekly variance reporting to support their environmental goal
  • Burton reviewed over 17,000 anomalous energy invoices, making recommendations for improvement and/or negotiating adjustments with utilities

Quick Serve Restaurant

  • Burton created the development and tracking of results for QSRLED program rollout quantifying impact in environmental benefits


ENERGY STAR ProgramPOY_SustainedExcellence_2016sidebar2

The EPA ENERGY STAR Program offers a proven strategy for superior energy management with tools and resources to help each step of the way. Burton has significant experience working with our national account clients in the design of their ENERGY STAR programs, assisting them through execution, and even those wishing to pursue ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. Our unique approach is to use the ENERGY STAR program to identify ways to reduce consumption and cost in your portfolio, and to generate measurable and sustainable savings.

To date, Burton has helped certify over 650 ENERGY STAR locations and has helped clients earn the coveted ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award. Burton provides detailed ENERGY STAR Performance Reporting to our clients. This report is an integrated assessment, tracking anes-highlightsd benchmarking tool that will evaluate all aspects of your ENERGY STAR Program. This report tracks and communicates ENERGY STAR scores and the percent improvement in overall energy intensity on a periodic basis, and provides the resulting financial impact of these improvements.


Water Conservation

Water awater-imagend sewer rates have increased nearly 40% over the past 5 years and are a growing percent of facility’s utility expense. For Burton’s national clients, this translates into millions of dollars in unanticipated expenses with a significant impact to the operational bottom line. As such, Burton is increasingly tasked with developing innovative, sustainable, comprehensive recommendations to reduce costs without sacrificing visitor experiences, hygiene, or facility functionality. Instead of looking at water conservation as an either/or issue – either payback, sustainability, or regulatory driven – Burton focuses on an inclusive approach which adds the most value for our client.

Through this, Burton identifies those locations which offer the highest financial payback potential while focusing on those cost effective measures which will mitigate risks associated with utility rate volatility and regulatory uncertainty, particularly in states like California. Burton has cost effectively saved millions of gallons of water and hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients.

Theatre and Entertainment

  • Comprehensive water surveys conducted at 12 theatres throughout California resulted in estimated water saving of 8.8 million gallons, 25% of metered water usage, approximately $85,000 estimated cost savings or 2.7-year overall payback
  • Burton is developing a national irrigation program for their 300+ theatres

Quick Serve Restaurant

  • Burton led the development of water reduction strategy and “self-audit” of water opportunities, supported by online calculator tool for QSR operators to conduct ‘self surveys’ to identify areas of opportunity and calculate actual gallon and cost savings
  • Water audits conducted at 15 QSR locations led to the installation of 30 water meters to monitor specific water end uses and establish conservation best practices


Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs

Along with energy and water conservation programs, Burton provides waste program management and recycling program development to support our clients’ sustainability programs. Incorporating a variety of methods from data analysis, program support, waste diversion reporting, waste audits, and strategic program planning, Burton aims to decrease unnecessary waste disposal costs, improve recycling rates, increase recycling revenue generation, and maintain corporate responsibility. We work in concert with facility personnel to continuously improve waste and recycling programs and decrease the amount of waste being generated and ultimately ending up in the landfill.

Office Equipment Retail

  • Designed a comprehensive Recycling Awareness Program for 1400+ retail stores to enhance
    employee awareness and improve recycling
  • Provides Waste Diversion Analysis and Reporting by calculating the percentage of waste going to the landfill vs. waste diverted through recycling, re-use, and other means of waste prevention
  • Analysis and reporting figures go directly into Sustainability Report and provide benchmarks
    of the program status


Sustainability Reporting and Corporate Social Responsibility

Burton provides sustainability data that supports company Sustainability and CSR goals that can be utilized in annual reports or other communications. Burton has also helped clients craft sustainability commitment goals, build strategies, establish budgets, implement and execute project deliverables, and developed reporting and communication strategies for project and program results.

Annual utility usage and cost compared to baseline data years.
Burton Energy Strategy Platform provides the ability to customize utility consumption data to a variety of parameters: timeframes, geographical areas, business units, etc. this is extremely valuable to companies needing data quantified and summarized to their exact needs.

Reporting of solar and renewable energy generation.
Today, a large office retail chain has 30 facilities hosting a total of 33 solar arrays in the U.S., generating more than 18 million kWh of clean energy in 2015. These sites have produced more than 100 million kWh since program inception.

Working with clients to develop sustainability commitment strategies.
For a large quick serve restaurant, Burton crafted a 20% by 2020 energy commitment strategy, led development of a water conservation strategy, and provided source data for global carbon emissions reporting around energy usage. Burton will also be delivering the creation of a Renewable Energy Strategy.


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