Firming Up Service and Saving Money

A Supply Case Study

Owners of a large, multi-use business complex in the heart of Atlanta were faced with a problem – they contracted for what they thought was the least cost service available to them, but were being disrupted far too many times.  They were on their utility’s interruptible service tariff and were being interrupted on cold days, necessitating the burning of expensive, and sometimes hard to find, backup fuel oil to keep the 2.5 million sq. ft. complex warm. This uncertain situation created stress for the owners in the cold winter months as energy costs fluctuated greatly. They needed to find a supply solution that would minimize disruptions while saving money. That may seem like an impossible task, but it was not.

Burton Energy Group’s Supply and Risk Management team was able to provide counsel to the business complex owners to prevent budget-busting costs from reoccurring during abnormally cold winter days. With expertise in natural gas risk management and supply market opportunities, Burton guided the owners through several different scenarios for meeting campus heating needs, looking at every portion of the supply chain delivering their gas. The net result is that the complex has been moved to seasonal firm gas service, while saving 33% per year in heating energy dollars and reducing the need to maintain backup systems.


Project Overview:

– Facility: 2.5 million sq.ft. complex
– Supply Solution: Seasonal Firm Service
– Expected Savings YoY: 33%

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