Energy Roadmap to Hyatt Hotels Vision 2020 Initiative

With a renewed Corporate Responsibility Plan and aggressive Vision 2020 objectives, Hyatt Hotels are under directive to reduce energy usage by 25% and water consumption by 30%, as well as track and report performance data. An important first step in meeting these goals is to complete a comprehensive assessment to determine the most cost effective opportunities.

At an 800+ room Hyatt resort in Florida, Burton Energy Group was tasked with just that – provide an overview of where the hotel is currently, what increased efficiency is possible, which initiatives add the most value to the hotel, and what is the roadmap for implementation.

To meet expectations, Burton dedicated two energy engineers for four days to provide a comprehensive, investment grade engineering audit of the facility. Burton took both daytime and nighttime measurements to better understand operational shift variances, and interviewed staff at all levels to gain an appreciation for hotel culture and procedures. A few of the measures assessed included indoor/outdoor lighting, HVAC, building controls, pumps/motors, cooling towers, irrigation, laundry and plumbing fixtures.

Upon completion of the analysis, over $270,000 in savings were identified which offered a combined 2-year payback and 18% overall energy reduction. Approximately 45% of the savings were HVAC related, such as VFD installation, EMS control upgrades, and chiller plant optimization; 35% were related to lighting which included re-lamping, schedule optimization, and energy awareness programs; and 20% of savings were plumbing fixture upgrades and water sub-metering opportunities.

Project Overview:

– Identified Energy Reduction: 18%
– Net Simple Payback: 2 years
– Potential Savings: $270,000




Click here to download a copy of our Hyatt Case Study