Burton Energy Strategy Platform

The Burton Energy Strategy Platform (Burton ESP) is a comprehensive utility visualization and management platform for our clients. Burton ESP is your complete solution for viewing energy, water, and waste data. Our platform provides the ability to track performance improvement over time and to plan future program enhancements and expansions. Burton ESP contains physical site information, raw and normalized performance data, and measures and verifies savings.

  • Custom utility reports tailored to the client
  • Track building performance improvements over time at site and portfolio levels
  • Compare budget to actual utility usage and costs
  • Provides a comprehensive stand-alone platform for a variety of facility-related information
  • Link documents, contracts, comments, and pictures to sites
  • Conversion of energy consumption into GHG emissions for sustainability reporting
  • Automates ENERGY STAR® scoring for energy efficiency benchmarking
  • Provides KPIs customized to your company


We house the Burton Energy Strategy Platform in a secure, cloud hosted environment that is available to authorized users on a 24/7 basis. It was designed and developed entirely by Burton Energy Group software developers and analysts in concert with clients. Each of our clients has a unique look and feel to their portal environment, and many of them use custom reports and features we have developed specifically at their request.


The Burton Energy Strategy Platform can help you and your business move forward with utility expense management and sustainability program tracking in a comprehensive and strategic way.

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